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FCC's Native Nations Broadband Task Force


Matthew Rantanen and then Chairman of the FCC, Michael Powell

Matthew Rantanen and then Chairman of the FCC, Michael Powell in the Tribal Digital Village Server Room, in 2004. The FCC was invited to come to the Tribal Digital Village to see the successes of the network and the programs that were relying on its services.
Photo taken by Paul Miranda

The "Installation Crew"

 The "Installation Crew" comprised of members of Tribal Digital Village, CUWiN(the networking team from Champagne-Urbana, Illinois, and Prometheus Radio Project. This team installed 22 homes and an office building, as a Beta testing project for "mesh networking" gear developed at CUWiN at University of Illinois. It was 112 degrees both days and the rooftops were hotter.

Tower Base Construction on Santa Ysabel

Tower Base Construction on Santa Ysabel. Bases took as much as 45 Cubic Yards of Concrete.
TDV Staff and a local tribal related construction crew built (2) 80 foot communication towers in 2002 for Tribal Digital Village to reach to South East county to serve Campo, La Posta, and Manzanita. Additionally to South Central County to reach Barona's Library.

Rincon Reservation Intermediate Tower

Construction of the Rincon reservation North Intermediate tower serving the community of the Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians.

TDV Shadow Project

The Tribal Digital Village shadow project was created in 2002 with a goal to mentor and train local youth in the Tribal Digital Village infrastructure and technology. The objective of this project is to educate and empower local community members by providing them with the proper tools and training for a brighter future. The TDV Wireless Communications training series focuses on training students to build and set up network antennas, configure a central out door router, send and receive radio signal and so much more.

Tribal Digital Village is proud to offer a new training series, Audio and Video Studio Training out of Rez Valley Studio in Pala. Students will learn how to produce and edit video and audio using current technology and techniques. The program will encompass numerous aspects of media and produce content media for both Internet and other methods of viewing.
All local individuals who fit the criteria requirements are invited to apply. Once all applications and Letter of Intents have been submitted please allow two weeks for Tribal Digital Village to review. TDV will notify the students who have been selected via phone or mail.
Classes are scheduled for two days a week, Tuesday & Thursday for four weeks. Classes will run year round, and will expand to accommodate students as needed.