The Green New Deal: What does it mean for Indian Country?

by Mark Trahant Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York, and Senator Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts, unveiled “the Green New Deal,” comprehensive legislation that would set the goal of “net-zero greenhouse gas emissions” in ten years, plus investments in new technology, and a more just economic framework. Last year the United Nations warned that the world is running

Investing in Indigenous Connectivity Is an Investment in Our Future Online

By Mark Buell Regional Bureau Director, North America There’s one New Year’s resolution we can bank on to improve the health and livelihoods of millions of people across North America this year, and it doesn’t involve buying into health fads or gadgets. The newly-released 2018 Indigenous Connectivity Summit (ICS) Community Report shows a strong correlation between Indigenous connectivity

The Government Shutdown Is Choking Indian Country

Nick Martin1/02/19 12:00pm As President Donald Trump’s tantrum over border wall funding stretches the federal government shutdown into its 12th day, it’s Native people who are left holding the bag once again. A report from two tribal reservations in Michigan and Minnesota published by the New York Times provided a partial view of the

Professor Hopes His Story Inspires Students

By Brian Hiro Richard Armenta knows what it feels like to be the lost student in the back corner of a cavernous lecture hall.   He knows what it’s like to be just a face in a crowd, to feel removed from and intimidated by professors, to struggle to find his way in higher education.   He even knows

“I have hardware on Mars!”

Aaron Yazzie, Navajo, tweeted, ‘Some of the Mechanical engineers for @NASAInSight are here and ready for touchdown! Nick designed the grapple, Liz did environmental deploy testing, Milo worked on the proposal, Enrique was the designer/configurations lead, & I designed the Pressure Inlet #MarsLanding’ on November 26, 2018 from Pasadena, California. (Twitter) by Jourdan Bennett-Begaye A

Native Candidates Win Big at State and Federal Levels Ellie Beckett at   The 2018 midterm elections brought historic changes to the political landscape. Indian Country candidates campaigned in record numbers this year and a few made history. In addition to Native candidates, there were a number of state ballot measures that could impact economies across Indian Country. A summary is as

NCAI kicks off anniversary with family memories

by Jourdan Bennett-Begaye Oct 23 Juanita Ahtone, Kiowa, pulls out the 1944 photo of the founding members of the National Congress of American Indians. She points to a man in the back row. That’s my dad,” she said. The 90-year-old remembers her father, James Daugomah, coming home from his first NCAI meeting. Ahtone was 16

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