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Cornell University Law School

Cornell University Law School is a not-for-profit group that believes everyone should be able to read and understand the laws that govern them, without cost. this vision is carried out by: Publishing law online, for free. (Including American Indian Law) Creating materials that help people understand law Exploring new technologies that make it easier for

Tribal Judicial Institute

The Tribal Judicial Institute was established in 1993 with an award from a private foundation, the Bush Foundation, to provide training and technical assistance to twenty tribal courts in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. Since then, the Institute has expanded to become a national institute and has conducted over 500 local, regional and national

California Indian Legal Services

California Indian Legal Services (CILS) is one of the oldest non-profit law firms devoted exclusively to the cause of Native American rights. Governed by a Board of Trustees selected by California tribes and tribal organizations, CILS has provided free and low-cost legal services to California tribes, tribal organizations and Native American individuals throughout the state

Intertribal Court of Southern California

The overall purpose of the ICSC is to provide members of the Native American community and their participating tribes with a cultural sensitive Judicial Forum in which to present and resolve disputes. The ICSC is an Intertribal Court System, which works on a “circuit court” format whereby a Judge travels from one Reservation to the



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