ISPs are painting over US broadband problems, and the FCC is letting it happen By Karl Bode Sep 24, 2018, 8:28am EDT Like countless other American cities, Cleveland, Ohio, suffers from a lack of meaningful broadband competition. With only one or two largely apathetic ISPs to choose from, high prices, slow speeds, limited deployment, and

How Connectivity Strengthens Communities through Education, Employment, and Health Care

Many California communities still face the harsh realities of a growing digital divide. Those with Internet gain access to rapidly expanding opportunities, while those without are being almost completely excluded. Of all California’s communities, rural Native American tribes have perhaps suffered the worst due to their remote locations and relatively small populations, two factors that

Navajo Nation makes history with solar powered plant

Tribally owned solar power plant beats skeptics, odds on Navajo Nation By Sarabeth Henne Cronkite News WASHINGTON – Deenise Becenti remembers watching this summer as a woman in the Navajo Nation who had been waiting more than 20 years to get electricity in her home flipped the switch to turn on the lights for

Importance Of Indigenous Inclusion In The Internet

This speech was given by Matthew Rantanen – Director of Technology, Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association, Tribal Digital Village – in the closing session of the Internet Governance Forum in Geneva in December 2017. Ladies and Gentlemen, excellencies, colleagues and stakeholders, friends – to make sure I am recognizing everyone and observing proper protocols, I

Connecting Broadband with Economic Opportunities: Challenges and Success Stories

Connecting Broadband with Economic Opportunities: Challenges and Success Stories #IGFUSAConnectivity Lack of connectivity and overpriced or substandard service prevent many US communities from accessing economic opportunities, education opportunities, as well as other basic tools of everyday life and interaction. As economic activity and basic tools of civic participation move online, these same underconnected or unrepresented



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