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“I have hardware on Mars!”

Aaron Yazzie, Navajo, tweeted, ‘Some of the Mechanical engineers for @NASAInSight are here and ready for touchdown! Nick designed the grapple, Liz did environmental deploy testing, Milo worked on the proposal, Enrique was the designer/configurations lead, & I designed the Pressure Inlet #MarsLanding’ on November 26, 2018 from Pasadena, California. (Twitter) by Jourdan Bennett-Begaye A

Native Candidates Win Big at State and Federal Levels Ellie Beckett at   The 2018 midterm elections brought historic changes to the political landscape. Indian Country candidates campaigned in record numbers this year and a few made history. In addition to Native candidates, there were a number of state ballot measures that could impact economies across Indian Country. A summary is as

NCAI kicks off anniversary with family memories

by Jourdan Bennett-Begaye Oct 23 Juanita Ahtone, Kiowa, pulls out the 1944 photo of the founding members of the National Congress of American Indians. She points to a man in the back row. That’s my dad,” she said. The 90-year-old remembers her father, James Daugomah, coming home from his first NCAI meeting. Ahtone was 16


ISPs are painting over US broadband problems, and the FCC is letting it happen By Karl Bode Sep 24, 2018, 8:28am EDT Like countless other American cities, Cleveland, Ohio, suffers from a lack of meaningful broadband competition. With only one or two largely apathetic ISPs to choose from, high prices, slow speeds, limited deployment, and

How Connectivity Strengthens Communities through Education, Employment, and Health Care

Many California communities still face the harsh realities of a growing digital divide. Those with Internet gain access to rapidly expanding opportunities, while those without are being almost completely excluded. Of all California’s communities, rural Native American tribes have perhaps suffered the worst due to their remote locations and relatively small populations, two factors that

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