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Grant Makers in Film + Electronic Media – Tribal Digital Village Reconnecting Tribes in Southern California

For over a century, the three original Native American tribes of San Diego County have been splintered among 18 reservations, dividing family lines, friendships, and cultures. Since 2001, the county’s tribal communities have been reconnecting through the Southern California Tribal Digital Village a high-speed wireless Internet network. It is an ambitious project, says Matthew Rantanen,

Tower Base Construction on Santa Ysabel

Tower Base Construction on Santa Ysabel. Bases took as much as 45 Cubic Yards of Concrete. TDV Staff and a local tribal related construction crew built (2) 80 foot communication towers in 2002 for Tribal Digital Village to reach to South East county to serve Campo, La Posta, and Manzanita. Additionally to South Central County

American Indian Advisory Council

The American Indian Advisory Council began in 1998, a collaboration between California’s American Indian community and the Department of Rehabilitation. Our mission is to inform, empower, and link American Indians with physical and/or mental challenges, to culturally sensitive resources to aid in preparing for and engaging in employment. Goals: Share information about California’s Native American

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