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Matthew Rantanen speaks to ARNIC seminar on wireless networking in tribal communities

Matthew R. Rantanen is the Director of Technology for the Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association (SCTCA) and Director of the Tribal Digital Village (TDVNet) Network/Initiative that was started in 2001 designing and deploying wireless networking to support the tribal communities of Southern California. Matthew, of Finnish, Cree Indian, and Norwegian decent, has been described as

The least connected people in America

Nowhere is the ‘digital divide’ more extreme than on tribal lands. Will Washington’s solution fix the problem? ROFINO, Idaho — Alexis Coomer’s house isn’t located in a remote area, at least not compared with many of her fellow Nez Perce tribe members on this reservation in north-central Idaho. She lives in the 3,000-person town of


WASHINGTON – Derrick Watchman, Board Chairman for the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development, testified before the House Natural Resource Committee’s Subcommittee on Indian, Insular, and Alaska Native Affairs this afternoon. He offered his support for and feedback on the Jobs for Tribes Act, which is legislation that will provide critical business and economic

FCC’s vote on net neutrality impacts Indian Country

What is net neutrality and why should you care? How will it impact Indian Country? WASHINGTON – Net neutrality is the concept that Internet service providers (ISPs) must treat all data on the internet the same. Net neutrality rules were adopted in 2015 which set standards for ISPs ensuring they can’t discriminate or charge differently

Native Americans Fear New FCC Rules Could Force Them Offline

WASHINGTON — Some Native Americans are voicing concern that a recent decision by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission could leave many low-income communities on tribal lands offline. The FCC voted November 16 to scale back its Lifeline assistance program, which since the 1980s has provided phone and internet services at a discount to low-income Americans,


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